Google Fiber

Fiber Phone with Two Landline Numbers

The wrinkle in our transition to Fiber Phone was having 2 landline numbers. One was the original number we've had for decades. The other was a distinctive ring we've also had for a long time.

As it turns out, transferring both numbers can be done, but it's easier if you do it a certain way. We transferred the distinctive ring number first - piece of cake.

Ancient Phone Number Brought into the Digital Age

We got our main phone number in the early 1980s, so it's at least 35 years old. A phone number born not just before the advent of mobile phones, but before the World Wide Web existed. A phone number tightly tied to AT&T's copper wire landline network for decades. And through Fiber Phone, it is now a modern, portable number that can be used on a cell phone.

The Path to Google Fiber

We are fortunate to be in a Google Fiber area. Google Fiber has opened up a lot of possibilities for us.

For a long time, we had DSL for our internet connection. If you have it, you probably know that it's an outdated technology, very slow, expensive and unreliable. Networks are copper wire, and the companies like AT&T really have no incentive to keep the network functioning. Every rain shower would interrupt our connection.

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